Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am Back!

That took a little longer than expected, but here we go:

3/1/12 Keith Thomas Arrived 8lb 10 oz & 22 Inches long.

And the dragon was completed as well!

There are now plans in the works for 3 more dragons, a blue, black & green. All are using beads and YarnPlayer's  amazing HDT's!!


  1. Isn't he beautiful? What a gorgeous baby! I hope all are well.

  2. Congratulations! My baby boy was born on 3-1 also - 38 years ago. They're precious at birth and at nearing 40 yrs! Karen in OR

    1. He also joins 2 cousins in the family for being born 3/1. It is defiantly an Auspicious day. I hope I survive till he is 40, something happens every day that makes my heart stop!

  3. are you going to give a dragon to the baby. He had been born in the year of the dragon after all. :-)

  4. All of the dragons are going to be added to his Garb for fair! I am currently on an Anne Mcaffrey Dragons of Pern kick as well so these are his Fire Lizards :)